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Business Man working with Business Men and Women.
Honest Day Work, for Honest Day Pays.

I'm here today because I have no refuge, finally to myself.

Until I confront myself, in the eyes and hearts of others, I am running.

Until I suffer in them, to share my secrets, I have no safety for them.

Afraid to be known, I can have neither myself nor any others or I will be alone.

Where else, in this common ground, can I find such a mirror.

Here together, at last I appear clearly to myself.

Not as giants of my dreams nor dwarfs of my fears.

But as a person, part of a whole, in its purpose.

In this ground, I can lay root and grow, not alone anymore as in death.

But alive to myself and to others.

Born: Benton Harbor, Michigan.
Mercy Hospital.
December, 18th, 1967.

Resident: Lafayette Parish,
Louisiana State-15 years.

Business owner-6 years,
Computer Numeric Controls,
Machinist-28 years.

A Father and Grandfather.
Two daughters with five grandchildren.


The right of the ...

The voters can ballot votes for all people. Libertarian Party a voice for all people in the country.
Tom Clements,United States Senate candida.


Fiscal Responsibi...

Balance Congress with checks and balances regarding the National Debt. Rein in out of control wasteful spending on projects that does nothing for American people. Repeal spending programs that is overburdensome costly when real reform to common sense solutions should be priority.


Boost the Tax Reform

Any Legislation to reduce the out of control spending and boost our economy. I suggested a Flat Tax rate across the board for all individuals and businesses. Maybe consider the Fair Tax recommendation. As long as we reduce the nations debt while putting more money back to the middle class and lifting the poor people out of poverty.


Community Private...

Home schooling should be available for any parents children.
Should we find a way for home schooling our children?
Basic principles of education at all levels in every subject.
Should we remove doctrine nation education?
Push for free education at all levels with different schooling options for parents to choose for there children.
A complete restructure in learning.
Always in my opinion keep the Constitution learning skills such as required to be a US citizen.


Libertarian Party...

Libertarian Party has Presidential ballot access in all 50 states.
There should be Fair Presidential Debates regardless of poll surveys?
Should all 50 states recognize a Libertarian Political Party in federal and state offices of all positions?
Should there be Fair Debates in all 50 states in any federal or state office positions?
Should National and State media report news according to this recognized fact?
Should Americans have fair representation news from media?


Top priority Amer...

2nd Amendment protects all your other rights. Protects against foreign and domestic enemies.


Treasurer, United...

Balance America

America wants sound govern.

America wants sound govern. Government continues to spend more than it takes in, heaping trillions of dollars onto future generations and weakening America from the inside. America deserve a good future generation a strong and secure nation, reign-in spending and eliminate the debt.

DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS has completely failed to put forward any meaning solution, address the fiscal health of our nation.

19.3 Trillion nation debt.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate, expensive government health care programs will double over the next 75 years. Federal agencies held by the public is already 73% of our country’ s economic output, a ratio higher than at any point in our history after World War II.

Federal budget, a budget amendment? and put away for entitlements program, a path to solvent content. Reign-in spending mandatory's.

A efficient sound govern. Will encourage growth needed to move our country forward. A work for this miracle can happen and bring America relief.



Fair Tax?

Economy running full force, drives America Dreams; Secure income,achieve quality education,

Families and future generations with more opportunity then we were given.

Enable individuals to succeed. Environment that encourages growth innovation and driving success.

Families struggle to make ends meet. Individuals looking for work. We must do better.

I will fight for new economy and better opportunity for Americans.

Pro tax growth reform, revitalize manufacturing base, lower energy costs, good-paying energy jobs.

American products to World markets. Fair playing field for American businesses.

Environment that encourages growth, power millions of Americans to succeed, and future generations, stronger, more secure country.

Revitalize manufacturing***

Manufacturing core of a robust economy and strong middle class. To build jobs.

Reform complicated tax structure, burdensome and costly regulations.

Streamline workforce training programs, skills needed to thrive, high-tech industry.

American products for World markets***

Products grown or made here in America leads to new jobs for American workers.

Eliminate unfair barriers on US exports and American products to be sold around the world.

Hold all countries accountable for its unfair trade policies that hurt American jobs.

Pro Tax growth Reform***

Tax structure that businesses can build and keep jobs home. System is unfair to small businesses, discourages US investment, highest corporate tax rate in the world.

American business owners want certainty, to expand their businesses.

Important! Pro Tax Growth Reform for a stronger economy and brighter future.

Develop American energy***

All-of-the-above energy, Be a global leader in energy production and good-paying energy jobs. Priority, expand domestic energy production, lower Americans’ energy costs, and more American energy jobs.

A limited budget on Government Agencies.

19.3 Trillion nation debt. Awful.

Making government less apparent in your everyday life.


United we stand, united, Liberty for the people.


Veterans Health

Affordable Care Act represents a massive government expansion into the personal health care decisions of Americans. What’s more, this law is dragging down our country under its own weight. Families are paying more in premiums, businesses are cutting employees’ hours, patients are losing choice in their care, and millions of Americans are finding they can no longer keep the health insurance they’ve relied upon for years.

Instead of Obamacare’s government-centric approach.
A good reform that puts patients first and empowers doctors and markets to dictate the best care needed, not government bureaucrats. Should empower individuals to purchase health care across state lines, ensure those with preexisting conditions have access to coverage, allow young adults to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26, provide reduced premiums for small businesses and individuals, and enact real medical liability reform, which is key to lowering costs.

Americans have made it clear that they do not want more government in their health care decisions. I will fight for better health care that expands access to affordable, quality care, ensures those who need it have access to it, and preserves consumers’ choice.


Department of Energy

America global leader in energy production and good-paying jobs.

Take advantage of all our energy resources -renewable and non-renewable – we can create more good-paying energy jobs here, lower utility costs for families and businesses, and reduce our reliance on volatile regions of the world to meet our energy needs.

Reverse the “no new energy” stance of the current administration and enact a true all-of-the-above energy policy. Our Louisiana State contains a diverse supply of energy producers, , and more.

Top priorities to highlight the Louisiana State energy diversity and bring this vision to Washington D.C.

Hold the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accountable for its job-crushing regulations. Stop EPA from imposing new regulations that would increase the cost of gas on hardworking Americans.

We can take to move toward an all-inclusive energy approach and create more energy jobs here. We need to more explore our energy resources, streamline permitting regulations, and ensure the government does not stand in the way of developing new energy resources, such as natural gas and renewables.

It’s time we fully utilized our nation’s abundant natural resources to create jobs here and provide Americans with more reliable and affordable energy


Farming Agricultu...


United States Senate Candidate. 12/07/2013 to PRESENT.

Louisiana farmers need certainty and reliability they need to be successful. Any farmer will tell you that planning for next year’s crop begins long before planting season, and I have made it a priority to ensure food and farm policies coming from Washington D.C. are predictable and work for farmers of Louisiana State.

Actions to help Louisiana farmers succeed include:
•Free trade agreements that open new export markets for Louisiana producers;
•Farm and food policy to give Louisiana farmers long-term certainty;
•Reign-in out of control EPA regulations to protect farmers from costly and unnecessary costs;
•Strengthen the Crop Insurance Program;
•Support the Renewable Fuel Standard as an important part of an “all of the above” energy approach
•Legislation America’s waterways, a critical lifeline for Louisiana farmers to get their products marketed.

Agriculture is vitally important to our state, serving as source of income and way of life for families all across Louisiana State. I will fight to ensure Louisiana farmers are given the tools they need to be successful and ensure we have smart food and farm policies that work, our nation’s producers.


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